Two Pages offers healing in a fractured world

This year, both the UK and the US are still in political turmoil with no end in sight. These nations are either drifting away from their neighbours or building walls to separate from them. With two of the world’s major players alienating themselves from the rest, the world needs unity more than ever. Two Pages, a side project which connects the international creative community through a series of nomadic sketchbooks, offers something constructive in a time which feels the opposite. Initiated by Royal College of Art graduate Konstantinos Trichas, Two Pages brings creative people together from around the world onto the pages of sketchbooks. Previous collaborators range from students and young creatives through to established names such as Paula Scher, Jean Jullien and Studio Dumbar. Filled with a range of ideas from cities as diverse as Tokyo, Mexico City and Tehran, Two Pages show us the beauty and talent of a world in unity.

Each sketchbook is “given a theme and begins life in a city or place,” Konstantinos explains. From there, each ‘author’ is given two pages to “produce anything they like in relation to the theme”. Then, a chain reaction begins, which sees the first author choose the next author, and so on. This system allows each sketchbook to grow organically. New York and London, two cities at the heart of their countries’ international fractures, also happen to be the homes to both Peep offices. In response to this, Peep have collaborated with the Two Pages team (Konstantinos and creative director Dionysis Livanis) to explore the project’s New York and London sketchbooks.

In reflection of our joint offices and in defiance of current political agendas across the Atlantic, we delved into the Two Pages archive to explore work from both cities, sharing common elements, themes, patterns and ideas.

Issue 3 2020

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