Go, go, go: Thami Nabil blasts through the fear of side projects

Side projects are scary. They’re expensive. They’re personal. They’re alienating, head-scratching, upsetting. They make us make mistakes, they make our friends and family question us, they make us sleep less. This is what creatives are up against when they decide they want to make something on the side.

All of these challenges can be boiled down to 1 emotional human response: fear. Fear gives us a reason to say no to side projects. “Fear: To avoid doing something because we are afraid.”

But, that incessant need to create: it will always drive creatives to pursue side projects. Like a craving, the urge won’t go away. It might be a thirst to start something big or an itch to play around with something small, but it will be there. You know how it feels. So what if we feel like fear is winning?

You should start a side project before you’re ready. You should dive into a side project before persuading yourself otherwise. For the brave few, diving into a side project despite the fear creates results we thought unimaginable. We just have to overcome the fear to get there.

And with his incessant energy and inexhaustible output, Thami Nabil is no stranger to overcoming fear. His phenomenal vivacity makes him a bullet biter; a horn taker; a nettle grasper. The illustrator’s wild style is rich, dynamic and free. So, for Peep – with less talking and more doing – we unleashed Thami’s energy to take us on a journey to overcome fear.

Issue 3 2020

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